“Spain´s Premier Training Camp”: Oliva Training Camp & Oliva Seven’s

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October 2014

OLIVA 7′s TOURNAMENT MAY 29TH, 30TH, 31ST 2015 ” >http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DkOGluGNoIdCV4ZGecJXX90luXdJu14Acvo3mQcm066wM-Ie4VIdMrheUMqQqNdv6PjuHfmBaalMIFroOfBbw0iybJMYTYmgz4CPqnL-Je9fT-j010yUOZAgeuwDRdOHMbwjyDO98nGZtyAi-JfK8oRvjR-KMBpIQzfTRC6hPpZfmpCi6fxQqHM8MXh8Zg5gGjkMZJT62EFv25_ZNe43wJKZ5p3tmwJDMuLaTsmCkaY=&c=J_QlE8_uiKiMs2bgN46O6QssQMMqSehGFVMTGXO8FXfElMuZs0XNXg==&ch=pT_U7KlljCVsYfMxi6E8klMQuo8MoVXxOTJgyZbp9ubQHlw7rqD9Gw==]
Oliva Training Camp ” >http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001DkOGluGNoIdCV4ZGecJXX90luXdJu14Acvo3mQcm066wM-Ie4VIdMrheUMqQqNdv6PjuHfmBaalMIFroOfBbw0iybJMYTYmgz4CPqnL-Je9fT-j010yUOZAgeuwDRdOHMbwjyDO98nGZtyAi-JfK8oRvjR-KMBpIQzfTRC6hPpZfmpCi6fxQqHM8MXh8Zg5gGjkMZJT62EFv25_ZNe43wJKZ5p3tmwJDMuLaTsmCkaY=&c=J_QlE8_uiKiMs2bgN46O6QssQMMqSehGFVMTGXO8FXfElMuZs0XNXg==&ch=pT_U7KlljCVsYfMxi6E8klMQuo8MoVXxOTJgyZbp9ubQHlw7rqD9Gw==]
invite men and ladies teams from all over the world of every standard…

[clubhouse]Academy get back to winning ways

The Academy got back to winning ways today with a 26 – 12 win away to

Salisbury Fest

A great day at the Salisbury Festival under blue skies saw the U10s put
in a good showing for the club. Well done to all the boys on coping well
with a physically demanding day. The ‘Normans’…

BOA U14s make fine start to D&W Cup

With clear skies, a cool breeze and a fine pitch underfoot, conditions
could not have been better for our first Cup game of the year, and thanks
to RWB for agreeing to an afternoon start.

The game was initially characterised by…

Depleted under 16s squad triumphs against Avon

Injuries from some very hard fought school matches on Saturday and a few
essential absences meant that the Under 16s arrived to play Avon with only
11 boys. Despite only having 14 players themselves Avon sportingly loaned
us one…

[clubhouse] Academy lose for the first time

The Academy lost for the first time this season, going down 12 – 17 in
a hard fought game against Corsham.

U15s BoA vs Trowbridge

BoA vs Trowbridge 19th October 2014

The visitors kicked off, BoA knocked on; first scrum. Oran made a good break down the right, dancing through the defence. However, the ball was turned over and Trowbridge kicked clear. The line-out was quickly…

Under 16s on top against Minety in short sided game.

The under 16s winning run continued in a highly entertaining 11 a side match
against a Minety side who arrived with only 11 players. The lads enjoyed
the extra space and ran in a hatfull of tries with Minety…

U15s Walcot 19 vs BoA 20

BoA kicked off, the kick didn’t go 10 metres, but, as Walcot caught the ball, advantage was played.

Poor handling by BoA allowed the hosts to consistently keep the ball in the visitor’s half. From a knock on by Walcot, a…

Under 16s strong start to the season continues

The under 16s claimed their 3rd win of the season with a 50-15 victory over
Chew Valley. This was a true team performance with every one of the 17
players who turned out making an important contribution. On an almost