Bradford Bobcats

Bradford Bobcats launches for 13-15 y/o girls

Girls…if you were inspired by the England Women winning the Rugby World Cup, then this might be for you. We are starting a brand-new girls-only team from scratch. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor! See…

[U14} BOA win Plate Semi-Final

Despite a weather forecast of snow and poor visibility, BOA arrived at RWB
on a bright and clear morning, with a light cold breeze. Somewhat reduced
by sickness, BOA were only able to field a squad of 16. …

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Who Ate All The Mince Pies?

You never know what you are going to get for Christmas. It’s all part
of the excitement.

It’s the same thing for the coaches in January when the boys return from
the festive frenzy. Will they have…

“” Happy New Year

2015 has begun with a cracking start at Chippenham today, against teams from Chippenham and Walcot rfc. Even though it was a cold, windy morning the two teams that entered from Bradford under 9′s played exceptionally well, showing great rugby…


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[clubhouse] Academy beat Frome 0-31

The Academy continued their superb form in their League by beating Frome
0-31. It was an excellent display from the whole squad, with Leo, the
Team Captain, leading the way with three trys.

With a 100% record, Bradford on Avon Academy…

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